With two decades of experience serving customers, ITSOne has acquired special skills and industry know-how in the energy sector. With an extensive knowledge of IoT, realtime data collection, data analytics backed by decades of database and application development and electrical engineer resources. Our energy solutions are the direct result of our consulting experience, derived from completing hundreds of engagements with companies of all sizes, as well as from our industry experience as energy professionals on both the business and IT sides of the house.

Our solutions are designed with a single goal in mind: Enabling our clients to see revenue-enhancing results in the shortest time. Equally important, we engineer our solutions to provide a solid foundation for sustained operational efficiency and productivity over time.


Asset Tracking

  • Control the mode of asset operation, with the ability to switch such operating modes remotely based on your needs for warranty-related filings or upgrades.
  • View live traceability of all deployed systems and diagnostics and alerting capabilities such as grid outages, electrical parameters for all connected ports of the inverter and related alerts.

Remote Monitoring

  • Staffed with IT and electrical engineers to monitor your energy resources 24 hours a day.
  • Monitor the performance of your energy resources remotely providing a cost-effective platform for managing your assets.
  • Experienced engineers study your energy production profile and monitor it in realtime to ensure reliability
  • Have confidence in knowing our engineers will catch problems, and make arrangements to fix them immediately.
  • Ensure always-on, optimal system performance.

Predictive Analysis

  • View and compare elevation, plant health, and thermal data.
  • Compare as-built to as-designed with design plan overlays.
  • Explore 2D maps, 3D models, photos, panoramas, and videos in a single solution.
  • Predictive analytics leverage the historical data collected at your plant, along with our vast energy database to find the critical relationships that will improve the performance, reduce operating costs, and extend the equipment life at your facility.
  • Our flexible, cloud-ready platform is purpose-built for integrating with your applications and portals. Our powerful web-based analytics, data visualization and mapping applications use mathematics, statistics, predictive modeling and machine learning to find useful insights and to help you with your fact-based decisions.
  • Utilizing our products can help to optimize operations and save in operating and maintenance costs.
  • Minimize outages and prioritize systems in your next inspection by implementing our analytics solutions in electricity generation production and planning.

Proactive Maintenance

  • The backbone of a proactive maintenance strategy is monitoring and observing equipment status at all times, using automated sensors in many cases to make the process more efficient.
  • Finding a potential problem early gives a manager more options the issue can be fixed through a variety of methods, a minor repair can be made, or a part can be replaced.
  • More flexibility than reactive maintenance allows, which can get to the point where you really only have one option: replacing the entire piece of equipment.
  • Equipment that is maintained continuously, and on a regular schedule, performs better. It runs more efficiently. It doesn’t have to be replaced as often, which means you get more performance and longevity.
  • Avoid expensive outages and the resulting business continuity and expose risk to customer contracts.
  • Reduce maintenance cost by avoiding emergency maintenance.

Power Forecasting

  • Integrate your renewable assets with weather prediction to generate a reliable energy forecast.
  • Analyze past production data and build power forecast models for your fleet.
  • Reduce the unpredictability in your renewable generation.